New Zoning Code Project 2019

When the Village was formed in 2007 it adopted the Kane County zoning code so that some zoning rules would be immediately available.  As part of the creation of the Village's Comprehensive Plan one future task that was identified as a need was the a new zoning code that was closer to a municipal code as opposed to a County zoning code.  In 2013 the Village was awarded a grant from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) to develop a request for proposal (RFP) through's it's Technical Assistance Projects program to review the Village's zoning code and recommend a revised code.  As a result of this RFP process, the consulting firm Camiros, Ltd was selected to lead the Village's effort revising it's zoning code. 

The process created by Camiros to accomplish this project included the creation of an ad hoc zoning steering committee to work with the consultant to prepare a draft code for public review.  The ad hoc steering committee recently completed this phase of the project.  The next phase is to make the draft available for public viewing and comment.  


The draft zoning code (DZC) is available in the electronic form to download and view on your computer.  The DZC is also available for public inspection at the Village Hall, 40W270 LaFox Road, Suite B, Campton Hills Monday through Friday during regular business hours (9:00 am to 4:00 pm). Click here to view online.   A draft copy of the proposed new zoning map is available at each of the public workshops listed below. 

The zoning consultant, Camiros, Ltd, has provided two maps for the project.  One is a Proposed Zoning Map Draft.  The second is a map of Areas of Change Draft.  Both maps on public display at the Village Hall during regular business hours.

Public workshops and a hearing on the new draft zoning code are scheduled as follows:

  • 1st Draft Zoning Code Meeting: 10/97:00 pm - Camiros Presentation 
  • 2nd Draft Zoning Code Meeting: 10/23. 7:00 pm - Public Comments 
  • 3rd Draft Zoning Code Meeting: 11/7. 7:00 pm - Public Comments 
  • Future public workshops in January 2020 to be announced
  • Public Hearing on Draft Zoning Code Meeting: TBD

   If anyone has questions or comments about the DZC or review and comment process please feel free to email Vanessa Quail at or call 630-584-5700.  You may also use a form to submit comments or questions regarding the draft code.